I do not have any more time to moderate this list.
The listserv was generating too much trash that had to be eliminated.
Please let me know if anyone else is interested in managing this effort. Greg Gogates gdg@fasor.com

Greg Gogates-Fasor Inc. is coordinating an ISO/ISO 17025 Discussion list. National and international subscribers interact with each other by transmitting Measurement & Testing laboratory information or reading the list for the most current ISO/IEC 17025 exchange.

List description

ISO/IEC 17025 Discussion List is a free moderated Email distribution list for those persons active in the Calibration or Testing laboratory arena or those providing standards for such tests or regulating these activities, with emphasis on Performance Based Quality Laboratory Accreditation Systems. It encompasses all national standards arising from the current ISO/IEC 17025 or former ISO/IEC Guide 25 base document. It is a forum for national and international participants who are interested in sharing and exchanging ISO/IEC 17025 information and experiences and general laboratory information evolving from the implementation of the ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission) authorized and issued ISO/IEC Guide 17025 "General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories".

Discussion includes:

Who is doing what, how, and why organizations are becoming accredited, what the successes and concerns have been, what concepts, methods, software, and organizations have been beneficial, other implementations of the accreditation concept, long and short-term strategies, available educational methods and programs, policy and structural issues, assessments and corrective actions, customer and registrar comments, and concerns, etc. The list is monitored by many Accredition Bodies, Registrars, Regulatory Agencies, Standards Development Organizations, laboratories, and has participation from major test equipment manufacturers. Pertinent questions to the above parties are welcome.

The list engages in discussing and describing what is happening now with calibration and testing laboratories. We have been supporting the needs of industry, government, and standards development organizations since Greg? Greg? well before ISO/IEC 17025 was adopted in 1999 to replace ISO/IEC Guide 25, EN45001 and similar documents. Participants are invited to post notes, questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and especially information and suggestions which enable us all to better understand and use the benefits that the ISO/IEC 17025 provides. All current and future organizations and individuals who will be directly or indirectly using ISO/IEC 17025 are encouraged to join.

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